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Oklahoma State University

Academic Success Coaching

At LASSO, we believe that every student who enrolls at OSU possesses the ability to succeed.

Success Coach with student
Academic Success Coaches partner with you to better understand and personalize the way you learn, explore, connect & grow!

Academic Success Coaching allows students the opportunity to work with a non-judgmental partner to identify the most effective ways to be successful in college and in life. Using cutting-edge coaching models and techniques, we assist students in identifying their strengths, creating a strategy for success and achieving their goals now and in the future.

LASSO Academic Success Coaches don’t hand you the answers - we work with you to help you discover the solutions that will work best for your unique personality, needs and situation. The result is achievable, sustainable solutions to the challenges of college life.

Working with an Academic Success Coach, you can learn to:

  • set a schedule that works
  • identify your learning styles
  • improve study skills and habits
  • adjust to campus life
  • strike a better school, work and life balance
  • manage relationships with roommates, classmates and professors
  • connect with other campus resources 
  • and much more

Success coaching is free to all OSU students. Request a success coach by using our online request form

Advisors, faculty, staff or parents can use our online request form to request that a Success Coach contact a student. Although we are happy to facilitate the contact, it is up to the student to decide whether he or she would like to meet with the Success Coach.