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LASSO Academic Success Coaching FAQ


  • What is Academic Success Coaching?

    LASSO Success Coaching is a holistic approach to academic success. Coaching is a one-on-one, student led relationship. The student supplies the goal for each coaching conversation. The coach asks open-ended questions to help the student arrive at key insights and eventually, a detailed plan and path forward. 

    The aim of each session is that the student walks away with an individualized plan of success; something that fits their life and emphasizes their strengths & values. 

  • What do you talk about during a coaching session?

    LASSO Success Coaching sessions usually focus on time management, study skills, planning, goal setting, and accountability.  However, topics can vary widely. We understand that academic success isn't always confined to the classroom and studying. Anything that is on the student's mind is fair game for conversation. 

    If at any time a Success Coach realizes there is a better or more appropriate resource for the student, they will make a referral and help the student plan to utilize that program.

  • Are LASSO Academic Success Coaches Mental Health Professionals?

    No, they are not and coaching is not a replacement for professional mental health resources.


    Occasionally issues brought up during a coaching session are more appropriate speaking to a counselor about. In this case, your Coach will talk to you about the counseling options on the OSU campus.

  •  Are LASSO Academic Success Coaches Advisors?

    No, they are not advisors. LASSO Success Coaches can help you prepare your thoughts prior to meeting with your advisor or talk about issues concerning classes and courses.


    However, questions regarding enrollment, add/drop, graduation timeline, requirements for your major, etc. will necessitate a conversation your advisor. 

  •  Are LASSO Academic Success Coaches Tutors?

    LASSO Success Coaches are not tutors. They can help you figure out which tutoring center might be best for your needs. LASSO Success Coaches often refer students to various tutoring centers and academic support options throughout the campus. You can work with your Success Coach on how to best integrate academic resources into your schedule and use your Coach as an accountability partner to help keep you motivated.  


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