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SI Frequently Asked Questions for Students


Why should I attend SI sessions and does it really help improve grades?

Research demonstrates that when SI programs are offered at colleges, students do increase their test scores and grades. Just ask any student who attends a Supplemental Instruction session and how the group study has benefited them.


What happens during a typical SI session?

The group will review lecture presentations, engage in thoughtful class discussions regarding course topics, apply concepts, compare notes, learn new study skills such as memory techniques, time management, note-taking, and test-taking strategies. Sometimes SI leaders will review for upcoming exams, or play Jeopardy or other fun games. Students will also learn "what to learn" while learning "how to learn." Discover the secrets of passing the course!


When are the SI sessions held?

SI sessions are held one to three times a week. Group study session begin during the second week of classes. Additional group study review sessions may be held during upcoming tests or exams. The SI Leader in your course will announce SI times and locations.  Additional reviews sessions will also be announced in class. 

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