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Supplemental Instruction



LASSO Center’s Supplemental Instruction (SI) program is an interactive, peer-led collaborative study environment. SI Sessions engage students in historically challenging courses in cutting edge learning techinques.


Reasons to Attend SI Sessions:

1. Data shows that students who attend SI sessions receive higher grades than those who do not. 

2. 1 hour of Supplemental Instruction = 2 hours of independent study. 

3. SI Sessions are led by students who have already received an A in the course.

4. SI Sessions occur weekly giving students the ability break down course material on a consistent basis in a small group setting. 


Qualifications of our SI Leaders:

1.  Received an "A" in the course.

2. Have a faculty recommendation. 

3. Completed up to 16 hours of international certified training.

4. Attend weekly lectures.

5. Work with instructors to develop weekly session plans.


Our Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are students who performed in the course at a high level and received our internationally certified training. SI Leaders attend the course lectures and work in conjunction with professors to develop weekly session plans to help students break down the course material that engages students in all of the core learning senses. 


Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are scheduled Sunday-Thursday throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Check our schedule  for specific dates, times, and locations for your classes. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Supplemental Instruction



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