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Oklahoma State University

LASSO Supplemental Instruction


SI Session
SI sessions are interactive and collaborative. Students who attend sessions learn to integrate how to learn with what to learn.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free, peer-led studying opportunity for students enrolled in historically challenging courses and gateway courses. Sessions are led by a student who has previously excelled in the course and who continues to be actively involved by attending lectures, taking notes and serving as a model student in the classroom. SI sessions are held outside of class where SI leaders facilitate discussions and study activities that allow students to prepare for exams, clarify questions and master course materials by working together in a cooperative learning environment.

Why should I attend SI?

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. Students who attend SI statistically earn higher grades than those who do not attend.
  3. 1 hour of SI = 2 hours of independent study.
  4. SI is led by a student who has already earned an A in the course.
  5. SI meetings occur weekly, giving students an additional way to better understand course material and to clarify questions they may have about readings or lecture notes.

SI Supported Courses Offered Fall 2019:

  • ANSI 3423: Animal Genetics
  • BIOL 1114: Introductory Biology
  • CHEM 1314: General Chemistry
  • CHEM 1414: General Chemistry for Engineers
  • CHEM 1515: Chemistry II
  • CHEM 3013: Chemistry of Organic Compounds
  • CHEM 3053: Organic Chemistry I
  • CMT 2263: Estimating I
  • CS 1113: Computer Science I
  • CS 2133: Computer Science II
  • ECON 1113: The Economics of Social Issues
  • ECON 2003: Introduction to Economics
  • ECON 2103: Introduction to Microeconomics
  • FIN 3113: Finance
  • HIST 1103: Survey of American History
  • MSIS 3223: Operation Analytics
  • NSCI 2114: Principles of Human Nutrition
  • PHYS 2014: General Physics
  • STAT 2013: Elementary Statistics
  • STAT 2023: Elementary Statistics for Business & Economics

Pre-Finals Week (SI) Sessions Schedule

Pre-Finals Week SI Leader Office Hours (by course)