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Oklahoma State University

Become a Tutor

If you are interested in becoming Tutor for the LASSO Center, please carefully read the following requirements and expectations.   

To become a LASSO tutor please complete the application packet and submit it along with transcripts, your current resume, and a recommendation form filled out by an OSU faculty or staff member. Once all the required documents have been received, your application will undergo preliminary review within 10 business days. Successful candidates will be required to meet LASSO's basic requirements.

All LASSO Tutors must:

  • Be a current undergraduate student at Oklahoma State, a current graduate student at Oklahoma State, or a recent graduate from Oklahoma State University in good standing
  • Meet the employment criteria set by the University
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in 30 or more completed credit hours
  • Have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at Oklahoma State (except for graduate students)
  • Have an “A” or “B” earned in every course for which you are tutoring, with an “A” being strongly preferred
  • Be available for tutoring sessions a minimum of 5 hours per week
  • Complete a hiring interview with the Tutoring Coordinator
  • Attend and participate in all mandatory tutor trainings


Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Work collaboratively with students to encourage independent learning
  • Assist students with the acquisition of student success skills (study skills, learning strategies, etc.)
  • Create and manage a positive learning environment for students
  • Adhere to all University and LASSO policies & procedures
  • Act in a professional manner at all times
  • Manage and maintain your tutoring schedule responsibly
  • Check e-mail and tutor tracking system daily and respond accordingly
  • Communicate with students and staff regarding schedule changes & cancellations
  • Complete paperwork (time sheets, self-evaluations, etc.) in a timely manner
  • Maintain academic integrity
  • Keep current on your subject/content area(s)
  • Be available for LASSO Center initiatives (ex. promotion/canvassing), as needed


Peer Tutor Pay Scale:

  • Undergraduate students (employed with LASSO for less than one academic year): $10.00/hour
  • Undergraduate students (employed with LASSO for one academic year with all training requirements completed): $10.50/hour
  • Graduate students and recent graduates: $10.50/hour

 Applications are expected to be submitted using our online application form.  If your require an alternative option for submission, please contact Susan Malec at 405-744-5020 or

Thank you For your interest in becoming a LASSO Tutor.

Applications for Fall 2019 are now open.  

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