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3 Routes: Become an AttorneyNo matter what route you decide, remember that everyone's pathway to become an attorney (also called a lawyer) is different. Common routes for OSU students towards law school and earning their Juris Doctorate (J.D.) include:

OSU Bachelor's + Law School

Complete OSU bachelor's degree then attend law school. 



  • Earn a bachelor's degree from OSU.
  • Apply to an accredited law school one year prior to your anticipated start date.
  • If accepted, begin your J.D. professional program.

OSU's 3+3 Transfer Back Program

Complete your bachelor's and J.D. in 6 years as opposed to 7. 



  • Complete 3 years of study at OSU in an approved 3+3 transfer back bachelor’s program.
  • Apply to law school during your junior year at OSU. 
  • If accepted, you will leave OSU one year early to attend your accredited law program. 

After Your First Year of Law School

  • Submit your official law school transcript to OSU and apply for undergraduate graduation from OSU.  
3+3 Program Information

OSU Bachelor's + Gap Year + Law School

Taking additional time can be to your advantage as a law school applicant.



  • Earn a bachelor’s degree from OSU.
  • If you feel you need more holistic development (academic or non-academic) to be ready to professionally apply, consider taking a “gap/enhancement year” to help you further develop. 
  • Unsure of what to do during a gap year? Visit the Pre-Professional Health and Law Support Services office to discuss your options. 
  • When holistically ready, apply to an accredited legal program. If accepted, begin law school.

National Exams and Licensure

Following your J.D. program you will be eligible to sit for the Uniform Bar Exam or a state specific bar exam to begin your legal career.

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