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3 Steps for Accepted Candidates: OSU-COM 3+1 Program

 Post-Acceptance & Final Steps

Step 1

I've Been Accepted: Next Steps
Granted Provisional Early Acceptance: OSU-COM 3+1 Program.
  • What Does Provisional Early Acceptance Mean?
    OSU-Stillwater students successfully admitted into the OSU-COM 3+1 Program through the required candidate application and process are: 
    • Offered "Provisional Early Acceptance" to OSU-COM by the medical admissions committee.
    • This means as long as you maintain your eligibility and successfully complete all remaining OSU-COM 3+1 requirements in the timeline specified, you have a guaranteed seat for medical school entry at OSU-College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COM).
    • To maintain your "Provisional Early Acceptance" status and fully matriculate to OSU-COM at the end of your spring semester in your junior year, please carefully follow all continued eligibility requirements below.

Step 2

Continued Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements
How to maintain your OSU-COM 3+1 provisional early acceptance status.
  • Provisional Early Acceptance: Qualifications
    To maintain your OSU-COM 3+1 provisional early acceptance, students must satisfy the following qualifications and requirements:
    • *Maintain 3.5 or better overall grade point average (GPA).
    • *Maintain 3.5 or better science GPA.
    • Submit a minimum, qualifying Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score of 492 or better by April of your junior year.
    • Continue to be in good conduct standing with the university.
    *Note: Final calculation at end of spring semester of your junior year.
  • Provisional Early Acceptance: Program Courses & Eligibility
    To maintain your OSU-COM 3+1 provisional early acceptance, students must satisfy the following program courses, eligibility and requirements:
    • Complete all remaining undergraduate coursework required for your approved OSU-COM 3+1 degree plan by the end of spring semester of your junior year. Please continue to utilize the "Approved OSU-COM 3+1 Program" appropriate major documents on this website and plan accordingly.
    • Additionally, complete all course requirements below by the end of your spring semester of junior year:
      • Organic Chemistry, 2 semesters – CHEM 3053, CHEM 3153 and CHEM 3112
      • At least one upper-division (3000-4000) level science course (although 3-5 courses are preferred), including but not limited to:
        • Human Anatomy or Comparative Anatomy;
        • Biochemistry;
        • Microbiology;
        • Molecular Biology;
        • Histology;
        • Cellular Biology;
        • Embryology; or
        • Physiology
    • *Physics, 2 semesters - PHYS 1114 & 1214
    • *All mathematics courses required for your approved OSU-COM 3+1 undergraduate degree. No exceptions.
    *Notes: If you were approved to complete after your sophomore year, courses must still be completed by end of spring semester in your junior year along with all other courses listed on your approved OSU-COM 3+1 Program appropriate major document.

Step 3

Final Steps: Matriculation to Medical School
Important reminders and ensure your bachelor's degree is awarded.
  • I'm on Track - Provisional Early Acceptance Qualifications & Eligibility: What To Expect 
    • Anticipate OSU-COM admissions may directly request or ask for any outstanding admissions items during/end of spring semester in your junior year - prior to medical school matriculation, such as official:
      • Undergraduate transcripts
      • MCAT results (deadline: required by April of your junior year)
      • Any other required OSU-COM medical school specific final acceptance paperwork, etc. 
    • Be proactive and plan early in your final spring semester of your junior year. To clarify any additional/final questions:
  • Final Step: Get your OSU Bachelor's Degree Awarded
    Complete these two, important steps below to ensure your official bachelor's degree will be awarded from OSU-Stillwater.


    After completing your first year of medical school at OSU-COM and prior to enrollment for second year medical school courses, OSU-COM 3+1 Program students must:
    • Submit a final, official transcript from OSU-College of Osteopathic Medicine to OSU-Stillwater, indicating all coursework successfully completed in your first year of medical school.
    • Officially apply for graduation from OSU-Stillwater by the next eligible deadline listed. Remember, commencement is a "ceremony." Graduation is considered having your official bachelor's degree awarded on your permanent, official transcript at OSU-Stillwater. Please plan accordingly.


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