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3 Steps for Prospective Candidates: OSU-COM 3+1 Program

Program, Eligibility & Applying

Step 1

About Program & Benefits
Learn about program and advantages.
  • Overview: How Program Works
    • Students spend their first three years of undergraduate studies in pursuit of their bachelor’s degree at OSU-Stillwater.
    • In their fourth year, students will matriculate to OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine to start their first year of medical school.
    • After successful completion of their first year of medical school, students in the OSU-COM 3+1 Program will be awarded their bachelor’s degree from OSU-Stillwater.
    • After year four of medical school, students in the OSU-COM 3+1 Program will receive their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.
  • Benefits of Program
    • Save time, save money! Students in the OSU-COM 3+1 program save a year by completing seven instead of eight years of academic study, which translates into savings of tuition and time.
    • Be considered for medical school admission among a smaller pool of applicants.
    • Receive a guaranteed interview if you meet program criteria.
    • Qualify for scholarship opportunities if you select the Rural Medical Track or Tribal Nations Medical Track.
  • I'm an Interested High School Junior/Senior. What Should I Do to Prepare?
    The OSU-COM 3+1 Program is a rigorous program designed for high-achieving, OSU-Stillwater students who desire to serve as a physician.


    Highly Recommended:
    • Study hard and earn strong grades for the program pre-qualifications and pre-eligibility. Review all program requirements below.
    • Take rigorous courses. Biology and chemistry (for science majors-level), math and other general core courses (English, history, foreign language, etc.) to help with your overall holistic preparation.
    • The OSU-COM 3+1 Program allows college-level coursework to be earned prior to fall, freshman entry to OSU-Stillwater while a high school student through: 
      • AP credit awarded at the college-level.
      • Concurrent enrollment courses.
      • Note: all grades from college-level courses will be counted towards the GPA requirements for the OSU-COM 3+1 Program and towards your GPA as a future OSU-Stillwater student. Please take all academic courses seriously.
    • Gain Experiences in High School. Earn A Cowboy's Calling Certificate Program with OSU-CHS.

Step 2

Eligibility & Qualifications
Ensure you pre-qualify and stay on track before applying.

Step 3

Prepare to Apply
Determine application timing and required materials.
  • When Do I Officially Apply?
    If you meet all pre-qualifications and pre-eligibility, plan early in the fall semester of your sophomore year of college at OSU-Stillwater to:
    • Schedule an appointment with Pre-Professional Academic Support Services to confirm your OSU-COM 3+1 pre-qualifications and pre-eligibility (latest).
    • Anticipate attending the OSU PAC Workshop (mid-fall semester sophomore year) to begin your official OSU-Stillwater PAC application.
    • Anticipate starting your official OSU-COM application (late-fall semester/winter break sophomore year) via AACOMAS.
    • Anticipate starting your OSU-COM supplemental application (winter break/early spring sophomore year) before final OSU-COM deadline.
  • Official Application Materials Required
    The following items entail all official application materials required by the listed deadlines for full OSU-COM 3+1 Program Admissions Consideration:
    • OSU-Stillwater PAC Application - Deadline on PAC application (typically end of fall semester in sophomore year).
    • OSU-COM AACOMAS Application - Due February 28th in your sophomore year.
    • OSU-COM Supplemental Application - Due March 30th in your sophomore year.
    • *One OSU PAC committee letter of recommendation preferred - Due March 30th in your sophomore year.
    *Note: If a candidate does not meet the deadline to schedule an interview with the OSU PAC committee, two letters from faculty can be submitted in substitution. 
  • OSU-Stillwater PAC Application & Interview: What To Expect
    • The OSU-Stillwater PAC Application and interview process is required for OSU-COM 3+1 Program candidate consideration. Upon completion, you receive a letter of recommendation to submit with your OSU-COM 3+1 medical school application.
    • Attend the free PAC workshop in mid-fall of your sophomore year for full details and application instruction support.
    • The OSU-Stillwater PAC Committee will pre-identify your OSU-COM 3+1 Program candidacy from your PAC application. We review your application based-upon all required qualifications and eligibility for the OSU-COM 3+1 Program standards.
    • Anticipate your PAC Committee interview will take place in early spring of your sophomore year. We ensure the required PAC committee letter of recommendation is submitted before the final OSU-COM 3+1 Program deadline in March.
  • OSU-COM 3+1 Application & Interview: What To Expect
    Upon successful completion and submission of all required items before the required OSU-COM 3+1 Program deadlines:
    • Anticipate indicating your OSU-COM 3+1 Program candidacy on your official OSU-COM secondary/supplemental application.
    • Anticipate completing the CASPer situational judgment test required by OSU-COM Admissions in early/mid-spring semester. OSU-COM Admissions requires this before they will render an admissions decision.
    • Qualified applicants will participate in a OSU-COM admissions interview.
    • Anticipate your OSU-COM admissions interview will take place during the mid/late spring semester of your sophomore year.
  • Final Decisions: What To Expect
    • Anticipate your OSU-COM 3+1 Program admissions final decision by the end of spring semester in your sophomore year.
    • All applicants will either be granted provisional early acceptance into the 3+1 Program or be advised to re-apply through the traditional medical school admissions cycle. 
    • If you have been granted provisional early acceptance, congratulations! Next, please review the "3 Steps: Accepted Candidates" information to successfully stay on track until final matriculation to OSU-COM professional school.
    • If you were not accepted, don't give up! Continue to holistically grow. You are no longer required to follow the official steps or guidelines for the OSU-COM 3+1 Program. Finish strong with your remaining OSU academic studies and other non-academic development. Consider applying to OSU-COM later as a traditional medical school applicant or later when you feel more prepared.


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