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What do veterinarians do?

  • Veterinarians (DVMs or VMDs) play a major role in our healthcare society by caring for animals and using their expertise to protect and improve human health as well. They tend to the healthcare needs of animals including pets, livestock, wildlife, zoo and laboratory animals. 
  • Veterinarians examine animals, diagnose illness and vaccinate animals against infectious diseases; but also perform medical and surgical treatments, prevent the transmission of disease and advise owners how to keep their animals healthy. Additionally they research medical conditions of pets, livestock and other animals. 
  • Veterinarians practice medicine that alleviates suffering, contributes to groundbreaking medical advancements, protects the environment and make the world a healthier place.
  • Preventing disease and healing animals is the heart of what veterinarians do, but they also make significant contributions to improving the health and well-being of the animals and people they serve.  

Preparation Resources

Picture of a stethascope and laptop

Research and Select Professional Schools

Once you know your health care path, how do you determine which programs might be a good fit for you?

Program Exploration  OSU-CVM: DVM Early Admission Program
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Unofficial Prerequisites

How do you develop into a holistically prepared candidate?

Prerequisite Coursework Involvement 
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Understand the Veterinary Medicine Admissions Process

From exam preparation to professional school matriculation

Entrance Exams Apply Personal Statements Resumes Letters of Recommendation Interview Resources
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Sources of Knowledge of the Field

How to get involved and learn more about what is going on in your professional field of interest

Professional Associations 
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