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What does Pre-Health mean?

Regardless of major, at OSU the term "Pre-Health" (or pre-med/pre-vet/pre-nursing/etc.) refers to a student's intent to explore opportunities and careers in human health or veterinary care. 

There is no one right or “more impressive” major for students interested in pursuing a professional education in a health care field.


Most health related professional programs require specific coursework to be completed at the undergraduate level to set the foundation for more advanced coursework during professional school. Depending on what type(s) of health programs you are considering and where you are interested in attending school will impact what types of prerequisite coursework will be required before admission to professional school.


Majors provide the foundation for your future career, reflect your interests, and demonstrate your capabilities on a subject. However, no specific major grants acceptance or automatically makes you more competitive in your future professional application. Any major can enter into almost any field; statistical evidence demonstrates there is no clear advantage of one major over another in professional schools.


If your long term plans include work in a particular field, consider an undergraduate major in a related area to develop a foundational knowledge of the field that may be supplemented and enhanced by your professional education.

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