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3+3 Program Information

  • How does OSU's 3+3 program work?
    • Students in approved OSU degree programs may be eligible to transfer back up to 30 hours from their first year of law school to apply towards completion of their OSU degree.
    • 3+3 students apply to law school during their junior year and if accepted, attend law school instead of returning to OSU for their senior year. 
    • Following their first year of law school, students transfer back their legal coursework and it is applied to complete their OSU degree program. 
    • Most 3+3 students receive their Bachelors from OSU the summer after their first year of law school.
  • How do I join OSU's 3+3 program? 
    • Confirm you are in an eligible degree program (see below) and then begin working with you academic advisor and OSU's pre-law coordinator to plan your pathway to law school. Both professionals will support you in different ways and it is important to be communicating with both about your interest in the program.  
    • There is no formal application, but the sooner you decide this is a path of interest the earlier you can begin making proactive plans for your future application process. 
  • Who is eligible? 
    • Review OSU's University Catalog for your specific degree program and catalog year.
    • You may need to use the archives to find your exact requirements. It is important to use the correct catalog year, as requirements may change over time. If you are unsure what your catalog year is you can find it on your Degree Works page in your self-service portal.

    • When reviewing your degree requirements, look below your electives and required courses just after "Total Hours." Read the footnotes or look for an Alternative A, B or C, or Option 1 & 2 for language approving the use of credits from an accredited law program. If approved there will be clear language on your degree sheet that outlines the parameters for how the 3+3 works for that particular degree option. 
    • If your degree goes from "Total Hours" to "Additional Requirements" and you don't see information about applying hours from an accredited law school, then your program does not participate in the 3+3 program. 
  • I'm in a pre-law major, can I do a 3+3? 
    • Maybe.
    • Being in an major with a pre-law option DOES NOT automatically mean you are in a 3+3 eligible program. 
    • Most OSU pre-law majors have not approved the replacement of coursework with credits from law school. Be sure to read your degree sheet fully (see who is eligible above). 
    • If your major has a pre-law option that does not allow coursework from law school to be transferred back to OSU, check the other options within the same major. Sometimes you might be able to stay in the same major, drop the pre-law specific option and participate in the 3+3. 
  • What if my degree program doesn't offer a 3+3? 
    • We would recommend considering what drew you to your major in the first place. If you enjoy your major and coursework, stay the course! The majority of OSU students will apply during their senior year or post graduation (FYI - about 1/2 of first year law students have a gap year or more). 
    • If your major is no longer the best fit and you were already considering a change, speak with your advisor, Career Services or the Pre-law coordinator to explore other degree options at OSU. 
  • What classes can be replaced by law school credits? 
    • You do not get to choose which 30 credit hours can be replaced.
    • Your degree specifies what coursework may be replaced by law school coursework; it is not uncommon to transfer back less than 30 hours if you have changed majors, earned AP credits or transferred to OSU.
    • Review your degree requirements in the footnote, Alternative A, B & C or Option 1 & 2 listed after "Total Hours," to identify which OSU courses your degree has identified to be replaced with coursework from law school. 
    • Note: you will not be taking the "same" class in law school as what you are replacing on your OSU degree. You will be taking official law school classes and those courses are substituted for pre-designated requirements on your OSU degree. 
  • Do I need specific classes or GPA for OSU's 3+3 program? 
    • No. 
    • Law school values diversity within academic pursuits. If there is a legal themed class that is interesting and fits into your degree program it might be a good way to explore your interest in the law, but it is not required for acceptance or to get ahead in law school. 
    • You may wish to consult the most recent ABA 509 report for the law schools you're considering to see where your GPA falls in relation to their student body (Google ABA 509 report + name of law school)
  • I want to take an OSU class, that could be replaced from law school.
    • Go ahead and take it! 
    • Sometimes students want to take a class that their degree program has identified can be replaced with coursework from law school. There's nothing preventing you from doing this. Just know that you will transfer back slightly less hours if you take something that could otherwise be replaced with law school credits. 
  • I've completed 90 credit hours. Can I do OSU's 3+3?
    • Maybe, but probably not. 
    • Just because you have completed 90 credit hours does not make you eligible for the 3+3 program. 
    • You must be in a pre-approved 3+3 program (see eligibility) AND your degree/department specifies which OSU classes can be replaced by your classes from law school. So unless your 90 credit hours exactly match the requirements for a pre-approved 3+3 degree program, it is likely you may need other coursework from OSU for your degree. 
    • Additionally, law school applications typically open in September for the following academic year. Most students will apply between six months to a year prior to when they plan to begin law school. If you have already reached 90 hours and have not taken your LSAT/applied/been accepted to law school then you will likely end up taking additional coursework from OSU towards your degree while you're working through the application process. 
  • What law schools participate in OSU's 3+3? 
    • All three Oklahoma law schools (OCU, OU and Tulsa) are accredited by the ABA participate in OSU's 3+3 program. 
    • For programs outside Oklahoma, politely reach out to their admissions staff to discuss if you might be eligible for admission consideration prior to completion of your degree from OSU. Most out-of-state programs require completion of your Bachelors degree before you begin law school. 
  • I applied, but didn't get in (or decided not to attend). What now?
    • If you apply and are not accepted into law school or 
    • You are accepted but choose not to attend 
    • Contact your academic advisor to discuss and enroll in coursework for your senior year at OSU. 
    • You may reapply for law school at any point in the future. 
  • What if I leave law school during my first year? 
    • If you leave prior to completing your first semester in law school, you will need to return to OSU to finish the remaining coursework for your degree. 
    • If you have completed at least one semester of law school, request your official transcript to be sent to OSU's Office of Admissions. OSU will apply your law school coursework to your transcript.
    • Then work with your academic advisor to determine what (if any) coursework remains to be completed from OSU to earn your bachelors. 
  • How do I graduate from OSU? 
    • Other than the classes you plan apply to your degree from law school, you must meet all other OSU degree requirements for graduation prior to beginning law school. 

    • Prior to your second semester junior year work with your academic advisor to request a degree audit to confirm what requirements you need to complete prior to starting law school. 
    • Before leaving OSU, use Self-Service to apply for graduation (select a summer graduation date after your first year of law school).

    • After completion of the first year of law school, you must request an official transcript from law school be sent to OSU's Office of Admissions
    • Upon receipt of your official transcript, OSU will apply your coursework from law school towards the completion of your OSU degree. 
    • If you did not file a graduation application before leaving OSU or if you need to change the graduation date, speak with the Office of the Registrar.
  • Where do I go with questions? 
    • Visit with your academic advisor & OSU's pre-law coordinator in the Pre-Professional Health & Law Support Services office. 
    • OSU's pre-law coordinator can help you identify and plan your law school journey & your academic advisor is here to assist you towards completion of your Bachelors degree. 
    • We will work together to help make sure you're meeting the needs for all your goals relating to law school admission and your OSU degree. 


3+3 TimelineThings to consider

  • 0-30 hours: identify degree program of choice, explore interest in legal field 
  • 31-60 hours: solidify degree selection, explore 3+3, continue investigating the legal field, begin LSAT prep & sit for LSAT (or GRE)
  • 61-90 hours: apply to accredited law schools, consult with academic advisor to solidify OSU degree completion plan 
  • 91-120 hours: attend first year of law school or finish undergraduate coursework at OSU (and consider applying to law school

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