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What is Pre-Law?

At OSU, the term "Pre-Law," regardless of major, refers to a student's intent to explore opportunities and careers in the legal field. 
There is no required "Pre-Law" curriculum, so be cautious of programs labeled "Pre-Law." They may introduce legal principles that help determine an interest in the legal field, but rarely are they taught with the depth and rigor of a law school course.
Majors provide the foundation for your future career, reflect your interests, and demonstrate your capabilities on a subject. However, no specific major grants acceptance or automatically makes you more competitive in your future professional application. Any major can enter into almost any field; statistical evidence demonstrates there is no clear advantage of one major over another in professional schools.
If your long term plans include work in a particular field, consider an undergraduate major in a related area to develop a foundational knowledge of the field that may be supplemented and enhanced by your professional education. 
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