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Join Us!

Ever feel that you should be doing more to expand your knowledge and skills beyond the classroom as an OSU Pre-Professional student? You are not alone.
  • Why Join?
    Involvement includes opportunities to:
    • Meet and develop new friendships with other pre-health care or pre-law focused peers.
    • Gain new experiences to learn and develop into a holistically well-rounded future professional.
    • Have fun while you explore and learn more about your future profession together.
    • Take a break from studying and network with people who share similar career interests in health care or law.
  • Benefits
    Research shows that students who actively engage in student organizations commonly:
    • Feel a deeper connection to the campus and community.
    • Have higher GPA's.
    • Tend to graduate in a timely manner.
  • Why Actively Participate?
    Active participation can lead you to:
    • Learn more about yourself, goals, personal strengths and areas of self-improvement.
    • Develop and demonstrate skills, knowledge and abilities in areas such as teamwork, communication skills, time management, leadership and much more.
    • Expand your personal and professional network by working with people who share similar interests.
    • Engage with diverse individuals within the organization and community.
    • Professional experiences such as conferences, internships and mentorship.
So, what are you waiting for?
Check out the list of OSU pre-professional organizations that can provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime, both today and for your future!
Pre-Professional Health & Law Support Services highly recommends that every pre-health or pre-law student remain active in one or more of these organizations while at OSU.


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