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Up to $7,500 for eligible expenses (tuition, fees, room/board, books)
OSU Institutional Application Deadline: October 25, 2021
(National deadline -  January 28, 2022)


See website for more information:

To Apply

Submit the following information by October 25, 2021:

  1. Personal details:  Name, address, phone, email, legal state of residence, expected graduation date and undergraduate degree;
  2. Attach a resume (no more than two pages) in which you give information on your educational background, honors, awards, activities, jobs, etc.  Please make separate divisions for high school and college;
  3. List research activities associated with mathematics/natural sciences/engineering in which you have participated, or describe an area in which you anticipate participation at a later date;
  4. Describe in a brief paragraph how your academic program will prepare you for your chosen career goal;
  5. Essay:   In approximately 500 words, discuss a significant issue or problem in your field of study that is of particular interest to you. It is advisable to link any research interests you have proposed or completed to the topic – whether the research was individual or in collaboration with others.  Assume that your reader is knowledgeable about your field.  The content and style of your essay will be important to the success of your application.

Include the following with your application:

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to create an account and pre-appolication on the Goldwater Foundation website. This does not automatically qualify your application for institutional review. You must also submit the application materials listed by the deadline. If you have any questions about the institutional application process, please contact the Director of Scholar Development.

Deliver all application information by
5:00 pm Monday, October 25, 2021 to the
Director of the Henry Bellmon Office of Scholar Development
and Undergraduate Research
334 Student Union

Writers’ Workshop at the Doel Reed Center for the Arts

All successful applicants who are awarded with OSU institutional nomination for the Truman, Goldwater, and Udall will receive an invitation to participate in the annual Writers’ Workshop at the OSU Doel Reed Center for the Arts in Taos, New Mexico.  Significant scholarship support is given to each institutional nominee to participate in the workshop, which is held for four days during the last week of students’ winter break (early January).  OSU faculty and staff from our office join forces to mentor student nominees and to provide feedback on their application materials.

Oklahoma State University's Goldwater Scholars

1989       Ward H. Thompson (Physics)
1990       Michael C. Oehrtman (Mathematics)
1991       Ross S. Keener (Biochemistry)
1994       Belinda S. Bashore (Chemistry)
1994       Michael E. Holcomb (Mathematics)
2000       Mario D. White (Mathematics, History)
2001       Scott Wise (Electrical Engineering)
2002       Bryan McLaughlin (Electrical Engineering)
2003       Ashleigh Hildebrand (Chemical Engineering, Philosophy, Chemistry)
2003       Cassie Mitchell (Chemical Engineering)
2004       Ryan Scott (Physics, Mathematics)
2004       Nick Rasmussen (Zoology)
2006       Melinda Hale (Mechanical Engineering)
2008       Renee Hale (Chemical Engineering)
2008       Paul Egan (Aerospace Engineering)
2008       Ilya “Eli” Sluch (Chemistry, Biochemistry)
2009       Ryan Paul (Aerospace Engineering)
2010       Lydia Meador (Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry)
2012       Rosa Yorks (Zoology, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)
2017       Nick Nelsen (Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Engineering)
2018       Sage Becker (Animal Science)
2019       Christopher Jones (Geology)
2019       Jeffrey Krall (Microbiology/ Cell & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry)
2019       Cole Replogle (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
2020       Josh Anadu (Environmental Science)
2020       Blake Bartlett (Chemical Engineering) 
2021       Ashley Gin (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology)
2021       Collin Thornton (Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering) 
2021       Alexis Vance (Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
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