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Oklahoma State University

Finish Orange - Transfer Agreements

Spring Commencement 2016

Are you looking to start at your local community college and then transfer to OSU? Our Finish Orange plans are semester-by-semester guides to completing your associate's degree and then your OSU bachelor's degree. We are building more of these Transfer Agreements all the time. If you don't see one for your community college and associate’s degree, feel free to contact (405)744-1392 to talk to an academic advisor about ideal course sequencing to meet your goals.

Transfer Agreements by College

Northern Oklahoma College (NOC)

NOC Degree OSU Program
Elementary Education-AA
  • Elementary Education-BS
  • Secondary Education-BS (English)
Health, Physical Education and Recreation-AS
  • Microbiology-Cell and Molecular Biology
Social Studies-AA
  • Secondary Education-BS (Social Studies)

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSU-IT)

OSU-IT Degree OSU Program
  • Economics-BS
Culinary Arts-AAS
Pre-Professional Studies-AS
Pre-Education Elementary-AS
Pre-Education Secondary Education-AS

Tulsa Community College (TCC)

TCC Degree OSU Program
Allied Health-AS
  • Nutrition Sciences-BSHS (Allied Health)
Aerospace Administration & Operations
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-BS (Pre Med/Pre Vet Science)
  • Microbiology-Cell and Molecular Biology
Business Administration-AS
Community Nutrition-AS
  • Nutrition Sciences-BSHS (Community Nutrition)
Computer Info Sytms-AS
  • Computer Science-BS
  • Nutrition Sciences-BSHS (Dietetics)
  • Geology-BS
Health/Human Performance-AS
Human Development & Family Science
  • Human Devemopment & Family Sciences (Child and Family Services)
Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering-BS
Paralegal Studies-AA
  • Economics-BS
  • Liberal Studies-BS
  • Political Science-BS
Physical Education-AS
  • Physical Education-BS (Teacher Education)
Political Science-AA
  • Political Science-BA
  • Political Science-BS
Pre-Education Elementary/Secondary-AA
  • Elementary Education-BS
  • Secondary Education-BS (English)
  • Secondary Education-BS (Social Studies)
  • Psychology-BA
  • Psychology-BS
  • Sociology-BA (General)
  • Sociology-BS (General)
  • Sociology-BA (Applied Sociology)
  • Sociology-BS (Applied Sociology) 

Rose State College

Rose State Degree OSU Program

Former Term Transfer Agreements

Previous term transfer agreements are provided for students currently enrolled under these agreements. For current agreements, see above.

2016-2017 Transfer Agreements