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Oklahoma State University

Our Students

University College Advising has academic advisors ready to help with your academic needs: planning your semester schedule, teaching your First-Year Seminar class, looking at degree options, or helping to bridge the gap between student life and academic success.

We advise a variety of students including, but not limited to, undecided students and those admitted through the alternative admission program and the academic review committee. UCA is also the advising home for undecided transfer students, some students on academic probation, and students needing help in developing/determining degree plans.

In addition to academic advising, UCA provides students with a First-Year Seminar class (UNIV 1111) designed to help freshmen adjust to the demands of college life; learn how to become academically successful; explore various major and career options; and become aware of university rules and regulations.

UCA advisors are trained to do more in-depth advising and will refer students to their specific college/departmental advisors as soon as they are ready.