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Oklahoma State University

Students Say...

Every fall, each college's Outstanding Advisor is recognized at the University Awards Convocation and given the Advising Excellence Award.

During the previous spring, students advised by University College Advising have an opportunity to nominate their advisor for UCA Outstanding Advisor of the Year. Here is a list of our past winners as well as a selection of student comments for all advisors.


Outstanding Advisor of the Year Winners

2017-2018: Michael Rieger

2016-2017: Jim Hull

2015-2016: Cindy Blankenship

2014-2015: Jim Bruer

2013-2014: Kelly Kavalier

2012-2013: Tiffany Nixon

2011-2012: Chris Campbell


Most common words in 2017-2018 nominations


Most common words in 2016-2017 nominations

He has been very kind and patient in helping me find what is best for me. I have had good and bad semesters and he’s definitely my go to person when I’m stressing about what I need to do in a class or two. He’s been so great the past two years!! – Amy K.

[My advisor] helps people with anything, and he has helped me decide how I want to go about taking classes, and which ones I should get help in, and I know I can always drop by and talk with him about anything, whether it be personal or about school. He is also one of my role models and I hope I can be like him one day. – Thomas F.

He has gone above and beyond to help me with all issues that have come up, always getting back in an extremely timely response. – Dylan R.

[My advisor] has been so helpful to me with anything that I’m having issues with whether it’s my schedule or things in my life. She’s a big part of my life and I’m thankful for her for being so patient with me. – Marla C.

She was always very helpful when I needed something. The first semester of college is already scary and hectic, but [my advisor] made it easier and fun. She was a great teacher and I enjoyed going to her class. She was a great advisor!! – Alycia P.

[My advisor] has made my college career so much easier. He is phenomenal at his job and goes above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable and prepared. I want to nominate him because he has done so much for me in the past two years and has never once been impatient. [He] is someone who will fight for his students and will go out of his way to make sure he can do all he can to help. – Nicole S.

He helps keep students cheerful and helps them learn the campus. Personally, he has done an outstanding job with directing me to a financial aid adviser, and they both have kept up to date with me frequently. He has reminded me not to over-do it on working and school and to remember to have a little fun here and there at least. – Tyler S.

[My advisor] sat down with me and went above and beyond for me to help me choose classes, find resources for the LSAT, help me figure out other extra-curricular activities to do on campus and always sent me emails with extra information the day after an advising appointment. – Kathryn K.

He actually takes the time to speak with his people. He doesn’t just get by, he will actually invest in people. [My advisor] was my motivation throughout my freshman year. His passion and work ethic is very contagious and inspires me. – Anthony T.

He has been the most helpful resource I have had being a freshmen in college. He makes you feel important, and remembers personal details about your life. He made the "pond feel a little smaller." – Ashley S.

She has helped me tremendously. She obviously cares about the success of each student, which is very refreshing. Coming to OSU unsure what I wanted to get my degree in was extremely stressful but [she] made me realize how normal it is, and she has gone above and beyond to help me figure out my future. – Jade B.

He made college seem much more manageable and was always available! He is super cool and knows how to relate to his students. He gave great advice while still allowing me to make decisions for myself. – Jennifer M.

I struggled immensely during my first semester at Oklahoma State. [My advisor] was one of the few who helped ease my mindset into academics and social life at OSU. I left every advising meeting a little more confident in my future within my major and OSU. – Ana E.

[My advisor] has gone above and beyond to help me find a career path that matches my interests. We have spent countless meetings discussing various interests, and he has given me great resources and tips to help give me insight on my career and major choice. – Andrea D.

Whenever needed, she is there to assist soon after, and not only has a solution for you, but has multiple options, so that you can decide what is best for you. [My advisor] also motivates her students to do better, or try something new. She has all the characteristics of an outstanding advisor. I could not ask for a better one. – Jaime P.