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Oklahoma State University

F1rst2Go Mentor Information

What is the F1rst2Go Mentor Program?

The F1rst2Go program provides support and guidance to students whose parents or guardians did not attain a bachelor’s degree. Our goal is to connect first generation students to campus members who can provide resources, support, and guidance specific to first generation students.

Who is eligible to be a mentor?

We encourage any OSU faculty, Staff, and second year graduate students that are first generation to apply. However, any OSU faculty, staff, or second year graduate students who is passionate and interested in this special population is eligible to be a mentor.

What duties are required as a F1rst2Go mentor?

F1rst2Go mentors are paired with first generation students participating in the mentor program. Mentors are expected to create a relationship with the student, meet with their mentee at least twice a month (or whenever needed), and assist students with any issues such as:  homesickness, getting involved, studying and organizational skills, financial issues, family expectations/support, and many other areas.

Some students need a mentor to serve as an accountability partner and others may need a mentor to help talk through the changes they are experiences.  An event for all F1rst2Go students and mentors will be held each semester. Mentors will also be asked to send updates of meetings and issues raised through individual meetings.

How long is my commitment as a F1rst2Go mentor? What is the compensation?

F1rst2Go mentors are asked to commit to their mentee for one academic year. If unable to commit to a full academic year please make note on the application. If something were to arise unexpectedly please notify us as soon as possible.  Currently, mentors are asked to volunteer their time to the program without additional compensation.

Why should I be a mentor?  

“Being in this program has allowed me to understand and achieve my goals in college, get good grades, and set a schedule to what I need to do.” - Justin McNair

"This program gives the First Generation Students a lot more confidence going around campus knowing that there is somebody they can ask if they needed anything. It’s definitely beneficial.” – Hunter Burrow

“I joined because I felt like I needed a jump start into college and get some motivation from someone I can relate to….I really appreciate this as it’s changed my life.” -Trenton Payne 

For questions, please contact Jeronda Robinson at 405-744-5333 or e-mail