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Oklahoma State University

F1rst2Go Student Information

What is the F1rst2Go Mentor Program?

The F1rst2Go program provides support and guidance to OSU students whose parents or guardians did not attain a bachelor’s degree. Our goal is to connect freshman first generation students to campus members who can provide resources, support, and guidance specific to first generation students.
Who is eligible for a mentor?
All OSU freshmen whose parents or guardians did not complete their bachelor’s degree are eligible to participate in the F1rst2Go Mentor Program.
What is expected of me as a F1rst2Go mentee?
F1rst2Go mentees are expected to meet twice a month with their mentor to help create a supportive relationship. Mentors will help guide first generation OSU students with the challenges that arise while attending college. Mentees are to utilize their mentor as a resource to help excel academically and in extracurricular activities.
How long is my commitment as a F1rst2Go mentee?
F1rst2Go mentees are asked to commit to the mentorship program for 1 year (fall semester and spring semester). If at any point in the program the mentee does not feel comfortable with their mentor or wishes to no longer proceed with the mentorship program, mentees are expected to contact Jeronda Robinson at
How will the F1rst2Go Mentor Program benefit me?
The mentor relationship that is created between a mentee and a mentor can last a lifetime. A mentee will have the opportunity to connect to a supportive member of the university community and gain experience working individually with a professional. The mentor will help their mentee become knowledgeable of campus resources to facilitate success at OSU. Mentors can also serve as references when applying for potential jobs or organizations.