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Oklahoma State University

Majors and Minors Fair

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September 26, 2019

11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Student Union Ballroom

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Choosing a major can be a challenging task for many college students. In fact, a majority of students enter college undecided on a major or will end up changing their original major before they reach graduation. The Majors and Minors Fair is the grand finale of the Majors and Minors Week, and provides an opportunity for students to explore undergraduate majors, minors, and other programs offered at Oklahoma State University. This event in partnership with OSU Career Services is also an opportunity for students to network with faculty and staff from various colleges.

Who should attend?

This event is open to all OSU students. Freshmen, student considering multiple majors, and undecided students will be able to learn about programs of study and start connecting with their prospective colleges. Sophomores and juniors will get the opportunity to learn about minors that complement their academic and career interests. Faculty and staff from various departments will be available to answer questions about programs offered at Oklahoma State University.

Already picked a major?

If you already have a major or field of interest in mind, the Majors and Minors Fair is a great opportunity to network with faculty and staff from your department to give you further guidance and recommendations on disciplines and options for each major. In addition, this will allow you to discuss skills you need to develop or strengthen to be successful at OSU.

How to prepare for the Majors Fair?

With over 80 majors, minors, options and tracks offered at OSU, it is essential for students to be prepared for this event. To narrow down their options, students are highly encouraged to take the My Majors Assessment, which will pair them with ten different majors. This will give students a direction to start exploring.

It is also important for students to be familiar with their strengths, skills, and values, which are essential when considering work environment. Therefore, we highly recommend discussing potential career paths with a Career Consultant.

Finally, be prepared to ask questions and gain as much information as possible about different majors and minors at OSU. Your academic advisors will give you a few suggestions to help you get started!


For more information about the Majors and Minors Fair, call (405) 744-5333.