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Oklahoma State University

Academic Advising

What are academic advisors? We are professional staff and faculty members dedicated to student advocacy and personal success. We will: 

  • Guide you through the process of selecting appropriate courses at Oklahoma State.
  • Recommend suitable campus resources to contribute to your success. 
  • Assist you with developing a personalized plan of study. 
  • Encourage and empower you because we want you to be successful.

Our office promotes learning, development and academic growth through advising and teaching. We will work closely with you to help ensure you are successful at Oklahoma State. We will: 

  • Check in with you via email, phone, or text, and in the classroom, as your First-Year Seminar instructors. 
  • Provide a safe environment for you to determine the best path for your own success. 
  • Champion personal autonomy, personal responsibility and personal accountability. 
  • Advocate for your well-being.