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 What is "Pre-Health"?

At OSU, the term "Pre-Health," "Pre-Med" or "Pre-Vet," regardless of major, refers to a student's intent to explore, validate and take action to grow holistically into a viable professional healthcare candidate.  There is not one right or “more impressive” major for students interested in pursuing a professional education in the healthcare field.

Most health related professional programs require specific coursework to be completed at the undergraduate level to set the foundation for more advanced coursework during professional school. Depending on what type(s) of health programs a student is interested in and where they are interested in attending school will impact what types of prerequisite coursework will be required before admission to professional school. 

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Services and Resources

A variety of services and resources are provided for students who have expressed an interest in exploring their holistic development in a healthcare related field. 


OSU-College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COM) 3 + 1 Program

The OSU-College of Osteopathic Medicine (OSU-COM) 3+1 Program is a competitive program designed for highly motivated undergraduate students at OSU interested in becoming a primary care physician in rural Oklahoma.  This program allows students to complete both a bachelor's degree and doctor of osteopathic medicine degree in 7 years.