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The Lew Wentz Foundation

The Lew Wentz Foundation and Oklahoma State University provide support for the nationally recognized Wentz Research program. Each year, $4,500 one-year Wentz Research Grants are given to approximately forty undergraduates to conduct independent research with the guidance of a faculty mentor in any field of study (major). 
NoteStudents are allowed to receive only one Wentz Research Grant OR Niblack Research Scholars Award per academic year. Students may apply for more than one Wentz Award AND Niblack Research Scholars Award per year but will be required to choose to receive ONLY ONE AWARD if offered multiple awards.  


Contact Program Coordinator Latasha Tasci with questions.


Wentz Research Award | $4,500

Student Eligibility Requirements

To receive a Wentz Research Award, you must...

Note: Students must meet these minimum eligibility requirements at the time of application and for the duration of the award year. Those classified as graduate students, in 3-2 programs, or in Veterinary Medicine are NOT eligible to apply. Also, please note that only one Wentz Research Grant per year, per student is allowed.

Faculty Mentor Requirement


To receive a Wentz Research Award, you must arrange a faculty member to supervise your project.  In the past, only tenured or tenure-track faculty at the OSU-Stillwater or Tulsa campuses were eligible to mentor Wentz projects. This requirement has changed, though we request an email from the faculty mentor's department head if they are not tenured or tenure-track. It is highly recommended that students meet with their mentor prior to completing their proposal and application. As soon as the application is submitted the mentor will be notified via email and asked to complete a recommendation form for the student. The mentor has an additional 1 1/2 weeks after the student deadline to complete their recommendation. 

Proposal Guidelines

To receive a Wentz Research Award, you must submit an original research proposal that...

Note: PROPOSALS MUST NOT INCLUDE PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION, such as the student's, mentor's, graduate assistant's, research team's or lab's name, to ensure the integrity of the blind review process.


- Click here for examples of past proposals that were successful.

Review Process


Wentz Research proposals are reviewed by one of six OSU faculty committees based on the disciplinary focus of the project, not the student's major:


Note: These options are NOT ORGANIZED BY COLLEGE OR MAJOR OF THE APPLICANT but rather the disciplinary focus of the project.  The examples provided are NOT COMPREHENSIVE and are only intended for general guidance.


Proposals are evaluated in a blind review process (in which the committees cannot identify either the student applicant or faculty mentor) according to the following criteria:


Funding Disbursement

Wentz Research Award funds are disbursed directly to the student recipient's Bursar account in two equal payments at the beginning of each semester (fall and spring) of the award year. $500 of the total $4,500 award may be disbursed to a departmental account for project-related expenses. The applicant's faculty mentor will decide if $500 should be withheld for departmental disbursement at the time of application.

Program Requirements

In addition to maintaining a 3.0+ cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) and completing twelve (12) credit hours each semester of the award year (fall and spring semester) while remaining classified as an undergraduate at OSU, Wentz Research Award recipients must fulfill the following program requirements or the award funding will be rescinded: 


Wentz Research Award Application

Application deadline is February 15, 2023.


In addition to the form linked below, students should be prepared to submit a one-page project proposal as well as an academic transcript, both in PDF format, as part of the application. 

2023-24 Wentz Research Application

Faculty Recommendation

Once an application is submitted, an email will be sent the faculty mentor identified in the application prompting them to complete and submit their recommendation of the student. They will be provided with a password providing access to complete the provided recommendation form. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM including any information which could identify the student (such as their name) when answering questions related to the student in order to preserve the integrity of the blind review process. Faculty mentors have until February 25, 2023 to complete their recommendations. 

Acceptance Form


Mentors Assessment


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