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Oklahoma State University


What is Pre-Law? 

At OSU, the term "Pre-Law," regardless of major, refers to a student's intent to explore opportunities and careers in the legal field. 

There is no required "Pre-Law" curriculum, so be cautious of programs labeled "Pre-Law." They may introduce legal principles that help determine an interest in the legal field, but rarely are they taught with the depth and rigor of a law school course.

Majors provide the foundation for your future career, reflect your interests, and demonstrate your capabilities on a subject. However, no specific major grants acceptance or automatically makes you more competitive in your future professional application. Any major can enter into almost any field; statistical evidence demonstrates there is no clear advantage of one major over another in professional schools.

If your long term plans include work in a particular field, consider an undergraduate major in a related area to develop a foundational knowledge of the field that may be supplemented and enhanced by your professional education. 

Preparing for Law School

LSAT *beginning in July 2019 LSAT is going digital - more info here

  • 01/26/19
  • 03/30/19
  • 06/03/19 
  • 07/15/19*
  • 09/21/19*
  • 10/28/19*
  • 11/23/19*
  • 01/13/20*
  • 02/22/20*
  • 03/30/20*
  • 05/25/20*


With over 200 student organizations to choose from there are many ways to get involved. It is important to find student groups that speak to your passions and to embrace leadership opportunities when appropriate. Membership in any student organization of interest is highly encouraged. If you are looking for a group more closely tied with the study and development of law, the two organizations below may be of particular interest:  

  • Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)
  • Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature (OIL)
    • Local chapter of the Oklahoma organization
    • Learn about the legislative process and how to approach issues within state government   
    • One of the oldest and largest intercollegiate student legislatures in the United States

For more information about either group, please refer to OSU's CampusLink for contacts, meeting times, events and other local information.