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SI Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty


Which courses does LASSO target for SI?

LASSO generally targets courses for SI support that meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • High freshman and sophomore enrollment
  • A DFW rate of 25% or higher
  • The course is designated as a “gateway” course by the department
LASSO considers courses for SI support that do not meet these criteria on a case-by-case basis and we welcome dialogue with you to determine if SI is a good fit for your course.

What does LASSO expect from me and my department when adding SI to my course?

In our experience, Supplemental Instruction (SI) thrives in a course and maximizes benefits to students with the following support from faculty and departments:
  • Faculty Buy-In and Support of SI
  • Regular Meetings Between Course Instructor and SI Leaders
  • Assistance in Identifying SI Leader Candidates
  • Shared SI Cost Commitment

What can faculty and departments from LASSO when offering SI in a course?

  • Thoroughly-Trained, Skilled SI Leaders
  • Extensive Administrative Support for SI
  • Accurate SI Data Management and Reporting
  • Shared SI Cost Commitment
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